What is klife?

KLIFE is a community-wide, interdenominational Christian ministry of discipleship and fellowship for youth and their families. Through a variety of activities (klubs, small group Bible studies, mission trips, and monthly events), KLIFE kids grow in their faith and have lots of fun in the process. They learn that following Christ and discovering His plan for their life is the most exciting adventure of all and that they can count on friendship and support from leaders and peers who care.

KLIFE works alongside churches and families in the community to teach and encourage kids to be strong in the Lord in spite of all the negative pressures they face as teenagers. KLIFE networks kids from different churches, and those without a church affiliation, to build positive, Godly relationships that can withstand the negative peer pressure so prevalent in today’s youth culture.

Philosophy of Ministry

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Spiritual Exposure

In this format, our desire is that the place is filled with kids who can participate in a safe environment with lots of energy and loads of laughter. A place where truth is heard and the right to build a relationship begins to be earned.


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One-To-Few-Small Groups

Spiritual Knowledge

This is a group of same-gender peers that gathers on a weekly basis with a mentoring leader to study scripture, encourage spiritual growth, and promote accountability in that growth.

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Spiritual Influence

Our mentor leaders are trained to pursue their small group kids not only in the context of the small group but also away from the small group on a more one-on-one basis. This context is often necessary to delve into the deepest of issues as well as provide the greatest genuine encouragement.

Unique House - Unique Location

One of the things that has always been unique to KLIFE is our house. That’s because our house sits directly across the street from the front door of the Highland Park High School. This proximity has made a huge difference in providing the contact, services, and relationships for students. We’re able to have small groups before and after school, with no inconvenience for the student. And since our sports activities are all on campus, we’re able to have many functions for the students before and after events.


The Board

The KLIFE Board is comprised of couples within the community looking to partner with KLIFE in its active pursuit of Christ. These couples serve to assist the ministry by faithfully praying, supporting, and assisting the ministry. Each board member is actively engaged in the ministry.


Stroud and lindley arthur

Julie Borus

Mark and katie Campbell

david and jennifer copeland

dwayne and elise danner

nathan and courtney gilbert

Doug and natalie john


Matt and alyson booth

brett and shannon owens

drew and elizabeth speicher


lee and kelli wagner


KLIFE Advisory Board

david and kathy calhoun

trevor and julie farr

justin farr

ray gary 

joe and becky gould

doug and margaret jordan

sheila mccarter

matt and stacey white