foundation bricks: leave a legacy

HP KLIFE has been blessed with the unique privilege of having the KLIFE House right across the street from the Highland Park High School.

Back in 2014, we launched a campaign to raise funds for a major interior/exterior renovation of the KLIFE house. In 2015, generous donors made that dream a reality and more space for activities, meetings, and fellowship was created.

On average, 800 kids come through the front doors of the KLIFE House each year. That's why we created the Foundation Brick Sidewalk. When you purchase a Foundation Brick for $250, you'll be helping us keep the House in tip-top shape!


make your mark  

With each $250 gift given to help maintain the House, you'll get your very own brick to add to the Foundation Brick Sidewalk. Each brick will be customized with the name and favorite scripture that you provide. You can buy one brick for your family or multiple bricks for family members.  


For additional information about foundation bricks, please contact