The heart of KLIFE is to reach a generation of students for the name of Jesus Christ. We know that this cannot happen unless we connect with parents and join them in their effort to point their students to Christ.

Release Waiver:

The safety of your child is one of our highest priorities. One way that we do that is by requiring a parent release form for all students that participate in KLIFE. This only has to be filled out once a year. Below are two ways you can sign the parent release form.

Sign parent release form online by clicking HERE.


Interested in being a k-Parent?

What is a K-Parent? We're so glad you asked!


A K-Parent helps with food for Open Kave on the Weekends and Leader Dinner meals for 25 leaders. IF you're interested, check the box below and Kathy Calhoun, our K-Parent Liaison, will be emailing you.



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