What is a small group?

The heart of our ministry is small groups. Our small groups are made up of guys or girls in the same grade. They are led by young professionals, SMU, DBU, and DTS Students who have a heart for ministry and working with kids. Last year our leaders spent over 14,000 hours with their small group kids. We would love to connect your student with a small group! If you don’t see a group for your student, let us know! We would love to begin a conversation about starting a new group.


Interested in Starting or Joining a Small Group?


Kaylee at kaylee.wright@klife.com or Josh at josh.barnard@klife.com


6th grade groups

7th Grade Girls

Leaders: Lauren Barnard & Emily Olander

Location: Contact leaders

Time: Contact leaders

7th Grade Girls

Leaders: Maddie Jensen & Kaylee Wright

Location: Contact Leaders

Time: Wednesday 4:30pm

8th Grade Groups

8th Grade Girls 

Leaders: Haley Jones & Hope Bostrom 

Location: KL House

Time: Sundays 4:30pm

8th Grade Girls 

Leaders: Elizabeth Beckman & Sarah Dean

Location: KL House 

Time: Fridays 3:30pm

8th Grade Girls

Leaders: Kara Miller & Ally Cheatham

Location: Chick Fil A on Hillcrest

Time: Fridays 7:00am

8th Grade Guys 

Leader: Ryan Ruiz & Michael Reitz

Location:Chick Fil A 

Time: Thursdays 3:30 pm 

9th grade groups

9th Grade Girls

Leader: Maddie Adams 

Location:Contact Leader 

Time: Monday Night


9th Grade Guys

Leader: Derek Harmon & DJ Williams

Location: Contact Leaders

Time: Mondays 7pm

9th Grade Guys

Leader: Josh Barnard

Location: Chick Fil A

Time: Thursday 7am


10th Grade Groups

10th Grade Girls

Leaders: Lizzy Miller, Lexi Page, & Grace Colbert

Location: KL House

Time: Sunday 5:30pm

10th Grade Girls

Leaders: Mackenzie Lantefield & Anna Fish

Location: Contact Leaders

Time: TBD

10th Grade Guys

Leaders: Jonny Wills & Alex Broyles

Location: KLIFE House

Time: Thursday 7am 

11TH GRADE groups

11th Grade Girls

Leaders: Megan Broyles & Kristina Harlow

Location: KL House

Time: Sundays 5:30pm

11th Grade Guys

Leaders: Shane Smith & Jack Hansing

Location: KL House

Time: Thursday 7am

12th Grade groups

12th Grade Girls

Leaders: Kaylee Wright

Location: KL House

Time: Thursdays 7am


12th Grade Guys

Leaders: Josh Barnard & Bryan Cox

Location: KL House

Time: Friday 7am